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Build your own doghouse

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Build your own doghouse

Assembly instructions and material list in PDF format with videos, German

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The dog is man's best friend. 

This is certainly not an objective statement but reflects the individual view of each person. 

For many people, a dog is a loyal companion who goes with them through thick and thin.  When people take a dog into their family, it is important to read up on the new companion and friend in specialist books.

Of course, you also want to give the prospective family member a comfortable and nice home. You look for information from friends and on the internet; how do I get a nice and suitable dog house.

Many sites offer ready-made dog houses and there is a wide range of prices. Beautiful and well-made dog houses that are of good quality also have the corresponding price. The cheap ones often do not inspire confidence.

Why not build a dog house yourself?

You don't have to be an expert. You can build your own dog house. All you need is a good plan. Often, scrap wood can be used and this will make the home for your pet a lot cheaper.

If you specifically look for plans to build a doghouse, you will be disappointed to find: "There's not much there!". Either the plans are too simple with few instructions or the plan packages are too expensive.

So that you don't have to make your own plan, here are good instructions for building your "doghouse". This work is fun and your pet and you will be happy when it is finished.

In preparing this guide, great importance was attached to the fact that even beginners and non-professionals can build a safe doghouse for their pet. 

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Peter K. wrote 25.05.2022
Ich war sichtlich überrascht. Dachte eigentlich ich hätte 2 linke Hände, aber mit der detailierten Beschreibung habe ich es hinbekommen. Schade das man hier keine Fotos meiner "selbstgebauten" Hundehütte veröffentlichen kann. Unser Hund fühlt sich auch sehr wohl darin, wie es scheint. Danke für den Ratgeber bzw. die Anleitung
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